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OK let's make a home page. Will it work?

We could fix (count) things:
1. we could get blue_ice to appear right (needs a tweak to the template setting wheel) and lime doesn't have a border either
2. we could make 'stack' a fixed size, and include some choice from hyprnerd (such as inner cards that could act as a loader)
3. we could make sure there is always an 'ending' editing field at the end of the document, and after boxes (adding empty lines is fine)
4. referring to 'this document', 'the template of this document', etc
5. time for autosave, probably, and cross-site moves without it by saving in local storage whenever 'leaving' an edited loaders. autosave's good if we can rely on not ruining the document when it's typed or the tool changed. the tool changing is a good metatool because it has a lot of specificity.
6. can we show CSS how to behave when offscreen elements have their size changed? for example not jumping too much like those godawful pop-between ads load...and also...moving everything via animation (if it needs it) when rendering the 'new tool' view of the 'old tool' document.
7. can i make a custom 'this' element in HTML? this button etc /this although i don't know what that would mean exactly...but it would work.
8. why does the templates menu sometimes just stop working? i don't see an error though.
9. don't make the margins appear and disappear in HTML mode, that's annoying. in fact the margins are quite lame considering the low weight of the dashes.
10. and these error 0 errors when changing pages have gotta go. how about that error triggering a page reload? In fact, setting the main page to any error ought to reload. Where is it?
11. the HTML tool should have monospaced tags at least. You're there to work. Let the parser fix it. That also means, then, that the true tags must be editable, and the style tags should appear.12. More fascist control over the tag ordering is important, but if you delete something important, it doesn't mean the page should lose its undo. Although it's hard to know what to do with tab text that goes 'bad'. Leave everything alone? Quick-color-change somehow in CSS?

<B>I Believe that I can do these with some reasonable amount of quick coding, and then leave them until new thoughts occur.</B>